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Resource & Team Management

Having the right people on the right projects is vital to any organization, but not easy to achieve. Sentient PPM Resourcing and Team Management provides the tools for resource capacity planning through to understanding your current resource allocation and the associated cost to the business.


This module makes it easy to keep your people productive and on the right track. That includes optimizing work schedules, approval and capture of time, benchmarking and tracking performance or simply assigning new items of work. Managing your most precious resource has never been so easy.

Schedule your people

Each team member can be scheduled on to single or multiple pieces of work across the business – whether a project or BAU. Make modifications  to schedules to optimize your delivery at any stage and automated emails ensure everyone is informed and updated of assignments and changes.

Centralize and control

Always have your team information at your fingertips, allowing you to make decisions when required.

Monitor performance

Identify any individuals who are slipping below utilization targets and take quick action to get things back on track.

Analyze resource gaps

Get a real-time view of teams across the organization and identify specific resource gaps in schedules coming up so as to keep your pipeline loaded.

Organizational Challenges

Difficulty in balancing capacity to deliver with the demands of the organization

Ad hoc scheduling practices and shoulder tapping

No understanding of forward resource availability

             Regular resource conflicts and reallocation

Inconsistent time-sheeting and understanding of labor costs

Key Benefits

Get a clear resource picture at anytime

       Allocate your resources to projects with the highest business benefit for optimum ROI

Remove ad hoc scheduling practices

             Identify current and future resource overloads

Provide clear, up-to-date information

Keep track of your true resourcing costs 

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