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Specialists in PPM

Our implementation process has been developed over a number of years to make it as easy as possible to get Sentient PPM into your business so you can quickly start reaping the rewards of effective Portfolio Program Management. 

Implementation Approach

With  Sentient, you are a choosing a cutting edge, easy to use package backed up by a comprehensive implementation methodology and a team of highly experienced Implementation Consultants.


High level planning

We will work with you to define your overall implementation plan and idenify the areas of Sentient PPM which will give you the most value and return on investment.


Implementation Workshops

The implementation workshops are carefully structured to ensure we capture the information we need to configure your Sentient PPM solution, and also prepare you and your team for the roll-out of Sentient PPM across your business.

User Acceptance Testing

This phase is critical to the success of the implementation. During this time, your Project Team and designated business users will become more familiar with Sentient PPM as they test various user scenarios.

Training and Adoption
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Our flexible training program is tailored specifically for your business. Take advantage of a comprehensive range of training materials. We guide you through the go live process, with particular emphasis on effective communication to ensure everyone across your business is aware and prepared for the change.


After the transition period, we provide ongoing support to ensure your business continues to get the most out of Sentient PPM.

Change Management Services

Business Change Management is key to the successful rollout of any new enterprise solution. Sentient has the in-house change experience and capability to either manage or support you through this change.


Sentient Business Change Management is a set of optional services designed to sit alongside your Sentient PPM system implementation to support organizations through change management planning and execution. This will ensure your organization achieves fast adoption and quick realization of the business benefits. 

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