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Planning & Prioritization

Sentient PPM Planning and Prioritization brings together crucial business and financial information into simple visual formats. This helps simplify and provide structure to the planning and budgeting processes across your portfolios and programs of work. 


Throughout the year as the plan is delivered you can change your priorities quickly and objectively, helping your organization to effectively adjust to the changing business environment. Whether you have to cut or increase budgets, cancel or add initiatives to your portfolios – you always have a clear and objective picture to guide decisions.

Prioritize and change priorities
Monitor your Workplan and budget

Once the right mix of projects is confirmed the ‘drag and drop’ functionality allows you to set priorities and instantly publish and communicate the updated workplan with the revised priorities. 


Everyone in the organization has visibility of the work priorities and are continually updated as they change, meaning your whole organization is focusing their efforts on the mission critical items of work.


Monitor execution of your Workplan and control variances from your budget baseline as programs and projects are delivered.


Programs and projects that run into the next financial year are carried over automatically into the corresponding Workplan for planning amongst new initiatives.

Collect initiative information

Capture the wealth of ideas from across your organization, then objectively compare and assess these initiatives based on your own critical success criteria and weightings.


This information is then consolidated into the Workplan providing a centralized, visual snapshot of possible initiatives for any given financial year.

Plan and budget

The Sentient PPM Planning & Prioritization module shows you all the key details about an initiative, allowing you to make fast and informed decisions. 


The Workplan uses ‘drag and drop’ functionality which allows you to quickly model different scenarios. Right there in a board meeting you can move projects above and below the line, including or excluding them from your Workplan and see how it affects your budget baseline.

Organizational Challenges

                 Administrative burden during annual planning and budgeting

Difficulty in setting, communicating and adhering to enterprise-wide priorities

Lack of control over workplan and budget adjustments during the year

        “Surprise” budget variances discovered too late

Key Benefits

     Consolidate all of your portfolios financial information in one simple view

Choose and prioritize initiatives that will deliver value

Keep everyone automatically up-to-date with the organizational priorities as they change

Monitor and control your different portfolio budgets against a set baseline

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