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Risk & Issues Management

Sentient PPM Risk & Issues Management allows you to centrally track and manage risks and issues. This module provides a standardized risks and issues framework, meaning both internal and external reporting has consistency and clarity.


You can view organization-wide summaries or specific risk and issue details related to individual projects, programs, or portfolios. Achieve organizational wide visibility of risks and issues, and effectively manage and mitigate risk throughout your business.

Take action 

For specific risks and issues the project manager can create and assign actions to facilitate resolution. The project manager is able to monitor actions and their progression to completion. 

Get the summary & monitor exceptions

Managers and business stakeholders can access real-time summaries of organization-wide project risks. Managers have full visibility of who is not meeting review and resolution dates and exception reports show clearly who is regularly missing their action deadlines.

Start capturing 

Sentient PPM Risks and Issues Management is a compulsory activity for the entire project or program lifecycle, project managers and team members must complete on a regular basis ensuring accuracy.

Show in status report 

Internal and external reporting on issues and risks is critical and has different relevance for different stakeholders. Specific risks and issues can be “flagged” to be shown on the status report depending on the audience. 

Organizational Challenges

Ineffective management of risks

      No centralized view of all issues and risks across your organization

                Inconsistency in the capture and classification

Key Benefits

          One centralized location


        Simple consistent framework for capturing, analyzing and managing risks and issues


Ensures due process and brings consistency and discipline to the management of risks and issues


Actions with automated workflow



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