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Sentient Governance, Risk & Compliance
Improve business performance through an integrated assurance solution
Organizational Challenges
What does it do?
  • Combines the core functions of GRC into a single integrated solution

  • Increases efficiency, accountability and reduces complexity

  • Provides a real time, wide-angle, accurate view of all aspects of risk and issues management

  • Allows management and monitoring of internal control environments subject to regulation

  • Instils an organisational wide risk management culture through usability, functionality and reporting

Key Benefits
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What make Sentient GRC different?
  • Accessible anytime, anywhere via internet connectivity providing greater flexibility and making collaboration possible

  • Integrates easily into your established enterprise systems 

  • No infrastructure is needed, significantly reducing the dependency on your internal IT capabilities as well as ongoing cost and time

  • User-friendly solution providing simple intuitive processes

Specialists in GRC

​Our implementation process has been developed over a number of years to make it as easy as possible to embed Sentient GRC into your business operations and culture so you can quickly start reaping the regards of an effective Governance Risk Compliance solution.

For a GRC Solution that protects and adds value
Key Benefits
  • Improved risk culture, engagement, mindset 

  • Users become confident to raise risks

  • Enterprise wide visibility 

  • Lessons support decisions 

  • See risk as an opportunity

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