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Australasia's premier Cloud Portfolio Program Management

Sentient is the leading Private Cloud Enterprise Portfolio Program Management (PPM) service provider in Australasia and is proud to provide solutions to some of its leading organizations across a number of different industries.


Sentient was founded in 2004 in response to a growing gap in the Portfolio Program Management industry in both the local and global market place. Existing enterprise-wide PPM solutions were highly expensive, took years to implement and offered little flexibility. As a private cloud solution Sentient PPM is available anywhere, anytime to anyone with access to the internet. 

It’s fast to deploy, easy to use and requires no infrastructure. We have built trusted relationships with each of our customers.  Their loyalty and passion for our program have made them strong advocates of Sentient which has contributed greatly to our growth and development. 


We encourage anyone interested in PPM to talk directly with them, as they can provide an objective view of how we work and how Sentient PPM has helped their businesses.

Our Partners

We have aligned ourselves with businesses that are leaders in their own respective fields of business process, change management and CRM.


Our partnerships provide complimentary offerings that create increased value for Sentient, our partners and most more importantly our customers.

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Our People

Sentient boasts decades of experience through its employees who have lived and breathed corporate life.


We have purposely sought talented individuals with a broad range of skills and backgrounds to drive and guide the company.  We are very proud of the outstanding people that make up the Sentient team.

Our Community

Having our roots in New Zealand we like to contribute back to our local communities. We have been proud to support the following Kiwi Community Organizations and Charities.


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