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Benefits Management

Sentient PPM provides a framework to capture and measure your program and project related benefits across your whole organization in a consistent and objective way.


With all of this information at your fingertips you can view organization-wide summaries or individual program and /or project benefits from both a financial and non-financial perspective, greatly improving the efficiency of your future investments. 


Clearly identify which projects offer the best ROI

Many organizations fail to collect or maintain the key data required to make those decisions, with Sentient PPM Benefits Management you can forecast what will be successful in the future, based on empirical past evidence.

Measure your program and project related benefits 

Sentient PPM allows you to capture and track the realization of benefits across your organization in a consistent and objective way.



Start at the right place – the beginning

Because Benefits Management captures project benefits at the start of the project, Management can make informed decisions when setting other business priorities.

Real time tracking

By tracking projects as they are being developed in real-time you can ensure that they are still going to deliver the required benefits, and mitigate by reprioritizing in-flight as necessary. 

Organizational Challenges

Which programs & projects produce best results

No systems to measure ROI

Poor visibility of project success & failure 

       No benefits tracking during or after a project is delivered 

Key Benefits

Consistent framework for all projects 

Align success criteria with strategy 

Centralized information 

Get the real picture in-flight and after delivery

Control and understanding of delivered work

Build and improve your knowledge over time

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