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Managing critical programs and projects in Council environments

Strong project, program, and portfolio management discipline has never been more important to ensure Council initiatives are delivered on time and within budgets. In today's environment, Council organisations face increasing challenges in developing and delivering Long Term and Annual Plans and community needs are diversifying and becoming more complex. Stakeholders want confidence they’re receiving good value from Council, delivering outcomes that matter.

Sentient PPM is Australasia’s leading Private Cloud Enterprise Portfolio Programme Management (EPPM) solution, with a long track record of success across the private and public sector in both Australia and New Zealand. We are proud of our existing relationships in the Local Government domain and intend to continue to grow our product and supporting services to enable Council organisations - doing our bit to support the growth and delivery of sustainable services to our local communities.


Gain visibility

Sentient PPM provides visibility and governance across your portfolio of projects and annual plan activities. Enable key project information to be stored centrally, ensuring a safe chain of custody as the project moves between policy, planning and delivery units.

Simplify reporting, reducing effort to prepare reports for different stakeholder groups. Use visual management to improve communication, transparency and governance. 


Implement with a trusted partner

Sentient have the expertise, experience and track record of success across the private and public sectors.

Our team understand Council’s unique role and breadth of activities across Communities.   Our solution is designed to expand and support each maturity step in your PPM journey. As part of our supporting services, our people remain alongside your teams helping guide progress. 

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Continually Improve your Practice

We partner with other PPM experts to provide complimentary services which strengthen your practices and support the successful implementation of the Sentient PPM solution - ensuring that you achieve the outcomes you are looking for.



The Leva Team works with Councils, alongside the PPM system implementation, providing PMO maturity assessments and roadmaps, Project Management Frameworks, including embedding sustainable project management and working with c-suite to embed pragmatic project and programme governance.


Asia Pacific Cities Summit & Mayors' Forum

We are exhibiting alongside the Leva Team at the 2023 Asia Pacific Cities Summit (APCS) & Mayors' Forum - where 140 cities from the Asia Pacific Region are represented.

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"APCS is focused on bringing business, industry and cities together to enable them to build relationships and effectively contribute to the success and sustainability of our cities into the future. APCS attracts city leaders and key influencers looking to engage with companies who can provide innovative urban solutions to cities."

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