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Pipeline Management

With Sentient PPM Pipeline Management you can manage potential conflicts and bottlenecks before they happen, and have confidence that your organization is hitting delivery targets. This module provides portfolio-wide visibility of your delivery processes allowing you to identify any potential problems and mitigate them before they can impact budgets or delivery times.


By creating your own set of standardized gate milestones you can ensure all projects adhere to your established delivery processes; allowing you to monitor milestones and dependencies for entire programs of work.


Everyone in your organization has visibility of the next gate milestones and can prioritize efforts to effectively manage timely delivery. Your whole organization can focus their efforts on the important items of work.

Graphical reporting for easy comprehension

Graphically manage your pipeline of work. Understand and manage delivery bottlenecks then drill down into the project to get the information you need to make effective decisions. 

Gantt style reporting for visual comparisons

Real-time information means key stakeholders are kept fully informed about the progress and overall health of their ‘in flight’ projects. Having this information readily available means that decisions will be informed and proactive.


Gantt style charts visually outline key milestones across your entire organization making it easy to understand what is going on.

Build your delivery model & capture key information

Define your program and project delivery phases and the gate milestones as “checkpoints” for your delivery framework. Then capture and track the milestone and dependencies against your programs and projects of work.

Monitor your delivery processes 

Top-down visibility means projects simply can’t miss key milestones without you knowing about it. You can have confidence that you know what’s really happening across the whole program of works.



Organizational Challenges

Poor visibility of your program and project pipeline

Trouble achieving milestones on time

                     Ineffective gating and control of programs and projects

Poor understanding of delivery bottlenecks

                Ad hoc capture of milestone dependencies

Key Benefits

Visibility of key deliverables and when they are in danger of missing deadlines

           Keep everyone aligned 

Dynamic and process-centric allowing you to continuously improve

       Improved control and understanding with a single source of truth 

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