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Sentient PPM Solutions
Assessement & Prioritization

Sentient PPM Assessment and Prioritization is focused on the capture, assessment and prioritization of initiatives across your organization – ensuring your portfolios are strategically aligned and providing maximum value to your organization.


Providing you with the tools to make sure that your organization selects and keeps investing in the right initiatives.

Resourcing & Team Mngmt

Sentient PPM Resourcing and Team Management provides the tools for resource capacity planning and prioritization through to understanding the current allocated resource and the associated cost to the business.


Managing large teams of resources across an organization is difficult. So is ensuring there is sufficient capacity for future  work – often in environments where priorities and time lines are constantly moving.

Delivery & Visibility

Sentient PPM Delivery and Visibility has been designed to address common challenges faced by organizations in the delivery of projects and programs that prevent them from maximizing their return on investment.


Sentient PPM Delivery and Visibility provides a framework for enterprise-wide visibility and control of all projects and programs as they are being delivered.

Governance & Compliance

Sentient PPM Governance and Compliance provides a centralized solution for achieving effective enterprise wide governance and compliance.


Effective governance and compliance is critical to managing enterprise risk and ensures that the appropriate care and diligence is applied to all of the different types of activities undertaken by the business.

Delivery & Visibility

Pipeline Management

  • Portfolio-wide visibility of your delivery processes

  • Identify and manage conflicts and bottlenecks

  • Monitor milestones and dependencies for entire programs of work


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Status Reporting
  • Clear summary and drill down information showing progress all your portfolio

  • Real time summary and detailed status information 

  • Automated status reporting to ensure due dates are met



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Risk & Issues Management
  • Centralized tracking of all risks and issues

  • Standardized framework for consistent clear reporting

  • Effectively manage risks and issues throughout the whole delivery cycle



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Financial Management

  • Real time financial reporting for dynamic decision making

  • Pinpoint potential blow-outs in time to intervene and remediate



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Collaboration Tools 
  • Connects all programs and projects for effective information sharing

  • Collaborate on key projects documents, minutes, diaries and actions

  • Bring people, process and information together



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Resource & Team Management
Resource & Team Management
  • Plan and Prioritize key resource allocation

  • Optimize work schedules and keep your people on the right track

  • Benchmark and track performance



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Time Management
  • Capture time quickly and easily via an intuitive, user friendly interface

  • Workflow enables endorsement and approval of the time captured by your teams


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Governance & Compliance
Governance & Control
  • Ensures that the appropriate care and diligence is being applied

  • Automated workflow, greatly reduces the average time it takes to get approvals completed


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Audit & Compliance
  • Consistent compliance is applied across all programs and projects

  • Improve adherence to policies and processes


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Assessment & Prioritization
  • Capture ideas in a consistent way

  • Evaluates the business value of each initiative

  • Side by side comparison using Assessment Tool


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Benefits Management
  • Capture and measure program and project related benefits

  • Improve efficiency of future investments using financial and non-financial criteria


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Planning & Prioritization 

  • Plan and Prioritize all programs in your portfolio

  • Change priorities on your in-flight projects quickly and objectively

  • Ensure the right projects are always being given the right priority


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