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Collaboration Tools

The centralization of information facilitates easy access and information sharing across your organization.  Sentient PPM is a collaborative framework connecting all project and program information with people working across different teams and locations.


Sentient Collaboration Tools module facilitates access to documents, meeting minutes, project diaries, and actions associated with projects whenever they are required for all the relevant stakeholders. Sentient PPM brings people, process and information together.


Assign actions against your meetings, change control, risks and issues, and the people responsible will all be automatically notified.

Once you assign an action you can keep track of its status, send reminder emails, and flag it against your status report.


Sentient PPM Collaboration Tools provides an intuitive Meetings framework that allows staff to manage their meetings online. Attendees can record the meeting minutes and assign any actions that are required.


Enter your meeting minutes directly into the system during the meeting, Sentient PPM can format them and then automatically email the minutes out to attendees for greater accuracy and efficiency. Actions can be assigned directly from the meeting and the people responsible will be automatically notified.

Project Diary

Sentient PPM Collaboration Tools includes a Project Diary to capture and track key information from discussions, phone calls and e-mails.


Having a single source of infomration means that everyone can access the project diary to find out key information.

Documents and files

The files tab allows you to integrate and attach key project documents and artifacts.

Use Sentient PPM document management to integrate into your existing document management systems – Integrate don’t re-invent.


Ensure all communications and documents are held in one central location for easy access anywhere anytime.

Organizational Challenges

                   Lack of knowledge sharing resulting in rework and duplication

Difficulty finding relevant program and project information

         Lack of accountability for delivering of outcomes

Geographically dispersed teams

Key Benefits

Centralized information for improved visibility

          Greater project team communication

Easy access wherever you are

                Encourages collaboration of all stakeholders

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