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Governance & Compliance

Sentient PPM ensure a minimum level of governance and control is adhered to across your organization. Effective governance is critical to managing enterprise risk, and ensures that the appropriate care and diligence is applied to the different activities undertaken by the organization.


With Sentient PPM Governance & Compliance you can become more effective at delivering strategic and operational objectives through improved consistency and adherence to policies and processes.

Define your processes and map out your checklist

Map out your assessment and delivery processes, including alternative routes for fast-track projects.

Create your compliance checklists for your different types of projects. As your processes and requirements change over time, simply adapt and add to your compliance model.

Formal gating procedures

Projects only reach formal gating and cannot progress further until all the relevant checklists have been completed and required approvals received. 


This results in more streamlined, efficient gating procedures, which allow key stakeholders and steering groups to make better, more informed decisions. 

Define approval templates 

Create templates for the various approvals you need for the different types of projects; including the levels of delegated authority that will need to provide their endorsement. 



Key decision tracking over the project lifetime

Full event tracking means you can access a full history of the project, including who has made the key decisions and their reasoning. You will always have background hard facts at your fingertips.


As your compliance processes develop, you can progressively increase the level of control, resulting in a more effective and mature way of managing your organization. 


  • Poor process governance and gating

  • A lack of accountability

  • Project delays caused by untimely approval

  • Problems with auditing and compliance

Organizational Challenges
Organizational Challenges

Poor process governance and gating

      A lack of accountability

Delays caused by untimely approvals

Problems with auditing and compliance

  • Manage all project compliance and approval information in the one place

  • Better business outcomes by ensuring all work is subject to consistent governance

  • Accurate information tracking of key decisions

  • Enforced gating ensures due process through the whole project lifecycle

  • Approval workflows for consistent deliveries


Key benefits
Key Benefits

                               Centralized compliance and approvals information

Consistent governance across your organization

          Ensure due process

Enforced gating

Effective mangement of enterprise risk

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