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Enterprise-wide Solution

Sentient PPM is an enterprise private cloud solution which manages all key aspects of your portfolios, programmes and projects, including assessment and prioritisation, delivery and visibility, governance and compliance, and resource / workforce management.

Enterprise Portfolio Programme Management

Track record of success

Sentient PPM is being used by Australasia’s leading enterprises across a number of diverse industry segments. 


Portfolio Program Management is the best way of ensuring consistent results across your portfolios, programs and projects, with the maximum Return on Investment (ROI) - every time. 


Proven Implementation Method

A phased implementation is the most effective way to implementing PPM across large organizations.

Key benefits:

  • Fast tangible results, demonstrating value to wider stakeholders across the business

  • Early identification of risk areas, particularly with training and change management

  • A flexible implementation program to be refined for the subsequent phases

Industry Spotlight - Local Government

Strong portfolio, program, & project management capability has never been more important to ensure a Council’s investment initiatives are delivered on time, on budget, and provide value to communities. 

We are proud of our existing relationships and track record in the Local Government space and are exhibiting at the 2023 Asia Pacific Cities Summit & Mayors' Forum - where 140 cities from the Asia Pacific Region are represented.

APAC Cities Forum Logo.png
How can Sentient PPM help your business?
  • Provides greater visibility and control across your projects

  • Supports the selection of the right projects for investment 

  • Reduces financial risk by enabling timely and effective decision making 

  • Delivers consistent and comprehendible graphical reporting, including interactive bubble charts, heat maps and provides an ability to “slice and dice” information 

  • Lessens legal risk by helping with regulatory obligations 

  • Brings increased return on investment – on budget, on time, every time

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What makes Sentient PPM different? 
  • Accessible anytime, anywhere with internet connection providing you far greater flexibility and making collaboration possible regardless of location 

  • Integrates easily into your established enterprise systems 

  • No infrastructure is needed significantly reducing the dependency on your internal IT capabilities as well as
    on-going cost and time 

  • User-friendly solution, providing simple intuitive processes

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